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Punch In Out App Support

Support for the Punch In Out App

Please use the contact form link below to send requests for support foe the Punch In Out App.

We will try to reply to your app related queries in good time.

Use the contact form below for feedback and questions about the app.

Use the contact form below to also request removal of your data from our systems, or enquiries on privacy related issues.

NOTE: The Punch In Out Time App allows user to send time sheet information via email, or, via a service call to your php based server.

Your server should be running Secure Sockets Layer SSL (https) and requires the following named files:
<root>/users/login2.php- authenticates the call
'username' e.g. 'fred@emailaddress.com'
'password' e.g. 'hgHG%^33A'
<root>/users/insert.php- passes the time data for each punch-in punch-out
'activity_date' e.g. '2018-01-23 18:30'
'activity_location' e.g. '-38.153700000:145.123020000'
'activity_type' e.g. 'P1001::Project 01'
'action_type' e.g. 'A1001::Travel'
<root>/users/projects.php- adds additional Project Codes
Returns Array:
<root>/users/activities.php- add additional Activity Codes
Returns Array:

Please contact us for more details on connecting this App to your preferred php server.

For a test account please register here:


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