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Our Online Hosted Business Solutions

Our Australian based online hosted solutions include:

Online Leave Management

Online Leave Submissions, Manager Approvals, Accrued Leave Balances, Calendar views, Reporting, Exports to Payroll

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Recruitment - Applicant Tracking

Take the headache out of tracking multiple applicants through your recruitment process, track and update through our simple workflow process.

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Policy Document Management

Track and report on which employees have read your policy documents.
Easily upload new policies.

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Online Time Sheets

Online time sheets, Punch In-Out, Manager approvals, Reporting and Exports to Payroll - Making your life easier.

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How To Free Up Time - Eliminate Paper - Reduce Costs & Increase Compliance

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Online hosted solutions freeing up time in your business
Solutions, per employee per month, from $3.38 to $6.00

Tel: 1300-86-77-30