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Online Hosted Time Sheets

Benefits of Hosted Online Timesheets

  • Reliability - our Hosted Services agreements bring you a load balanced architecture, redundancy across data centers, and an up-time guarantee. In other words, we're on the hook for making sure your software is running and your website is available for your customers.

  • Expertise - one of the challenges associated with bringing a new solution in-house is the steep curve that goes along with learning a new technology. Often-times this results in under utilization of the solution because there's not an expert level of familiarity with the software. We can share our expertise and experience to help ensure you're getting the most out of your application.

  • Maintenance - ongoing maintenance, upgrades, and system monitoring require IT resources and an internal commitment to keep up with new releases and patches. With a hosted software solution, you can keep your internal resources focused on important projects and leave the ongoing maintenance chores to our managed services team.

  • Australian Based Servers - Our servers are Australoian located so you know where your data is, and you are not subject to foreign data access rules.

  • Help Desk - reduce the incoming calls to your IT help desk and/or give them access to our "Ask-the-Expert hotline" for ideas and best practices along with support.

  • Cost - traditional software implementations can cost thousands and even tens of thousands of dollars after adding up implementation fees, hardware, licensing, and ongoing maintenance costs. Our hosted software solutions are billed monthly and businesses realize a lower total cost of ownership.

In addition to hosting the software solution, NUhRTURE can help you streamline the implementation of the application a one-off implementation charge is made for this which also covers most custom configuration and report creation.

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