Hosted Online Time Sheets for Quickbooks

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Hosted Online Time Sheets for Quickbooks

Timesheets For Quickbooks

If you use Quickbooks for your payroll (Intuit Quickbooks website), then NUhRTURE Online Time Sheets are a great way to reduce administrative overheads in managing employee time and attendance and subsequent Payroll calculations.

Employees capture their time data via the NUhRTURE Time Sheet web pages (PC or mobile device)

Managers are notified and approve the time sheets.

Simply import your time sheet data into Quickbooks e.g. using CSV

NUhRTURE will work with you to create the correct import formats and reports you need.

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online time sheet for Reckon
Example NUhRTURE Time Sheet Web Page showing Auto Leave Noitifcation and Work-Activity Selection

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